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Join Mario and all of his friends from New Super Mario Bros. Wii for an all-new adventure in trading cards! This brilliant set bursts at the seams with character and collectibility. There's fun in every pack - trading cards, pop-out standees, foil cards, tattoos, and more! 7 cards per pack.

a relic of the early 2010s that has been largely lost to memory... very specific trading cards!

well, for me, there wasn't much trading to it.. i don't recall having friends that actually collected those things, let alone even for pokemon. whatever memory i had of gawking at pokemon cards around the schoolyard is long fuzzy.

but those new super mario brothers wii fun paks were always there at the pharmacy, always promising... their temporary tattoos.

yeah, i don't remember a single card i might've had. no trying to capture kid nostalgia with pictures of collections collecting dust, let alone any photos or proof that i ever had them to begin with. wherever they are, they're long gone, from the pharmacy too. i mean, new super mario bros wii came out 13 years ago.

but i do remember i did not like that the enemies were on the tattoos. only cared for the marios.

it's fun being into mario at that age. he's a global phenomenon. everyone knows who mario is, and god damn it, you're gonna let your elementary school teacher know you like mario.

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