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neocities neighbors

therapy resources

DEAR MAN - a guide to effective communication (DBT; Interpersonal Effectiveness module)

executive skills profile - an overview of what executive skills look like

flooding - what happens when your brain perceives a threat

4 c's of Taking a Time Out - a response to flooding

TIP skills: changing your body chemistry - a quick way to calm down

a script for tapping therapy, dealing with the feeling of worry
^ also known as EFT, or emotional freedom techniques, it is a form of therapy drawing on acupressure points while focusing on distress to reduce the pain and intensity of it

checklist of cognitive distortions

self help

you feel like shit - an interactive self care guide

the quiet place project - 90 second relaxation exercises


yay genderform - describe yourself

omoriboy archive

thirty dollar website - soundboard

all animorphs books online for free (and why)

general resources

hudson's ftm resource guide

writing exercises and prompts

character personality generator

resizepixel - free online image editor

77 latin words, abbreviations and expressions that you should know


nicky case (games, blog, reads)
^ known for adventures with anxiety, we become what we behold, coming out simulator

poems by richard siken

a wordpress blog by a cult survivor: "an ongoing exploration of faith, culture, myth, life, art"

nintendo related

rdgwiki, "a documentation of rare information related to video game console hardware and firmware, with a particular focus on Nintendo platforms"

wiibrew - nintendo wii homebrew wiki

the different types of wii bricks

about nintendo wii "discupdate discs"

the cutting room floor - a wiki about unused or cut content from video games

gateway 3ds bricking incident

about nintendo wii error 003

hack your 3ds

the unused game left in super paper mario's files

how to brick your 3ds