A Novice Coverist, But I Want To Post

when i was in third grade, i wanted to audition for my school's glee club. i thought about it, and i had the song picked out in my head, stereo hearts by adam levine. but i went home without asking, and that was that.

i've been recording songs every now and then for a couple years now, and while formal lessons are years behind me at the moment, singing is still something that is a part of my everyday.

though i grow older, my work is far from polished to start with, singing aside -- i barely know how to play the ukulele nor the piano, both things i've taken up lately on my own -- but it is something i am passionate about. i want to be able to see the day i can have something tangible with this hobby, and think about how happy my younger self would be. i'll keep holding onto my youtaite dreams, at least for a while. or maybe i'll find another kind of happiness. who knows?

lately, i've been spending time working on translyrics.